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  • Comfort Bags

Update for Spring 2019:

Over 200 comfort bags were made and delivered to the Department of Social Services in Cowlitz County this past year. A comfort bag consists of a blanket, a pair of pj’s, underwear/socks, stuffed animal and a book. The bags are given out to children going into foster care.

Comfort bags consist of a back pack/bag, a pair of PJ’s, a teddy bear, socks, underwear, and a book.

These comfort bags are assembled and delivered to the Department of Social Services.

The social workers give out the bag to children either on their first night of care in a foster home or sometimes as they do a welfare check at the child’s home. Harlie’s Angels donated 200 bags this year to benefit the children who received assistance from a social worker in our county.

The social workers in Cowlitz County are overjoyed to receive these backpacks and report that children are grateful to receive the bags.

We had collection boxes at Smart Start Early Learning Center, The Department of Natural Resources, Legally Blonde Too Hair Salon, Innovative Sleep Centers, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, and St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Castle Rock. Thank you to all who collected items for these Comfort bags.

In the Spring of 2018, we donated our remaining supplies to “Luggage of Love” who also made these comfort bags for other counties. They wanted to add Cowlitz County to their case load. Thank you to their volunteers for their help.


Over 400 comfort bags were made and delivered to the Department of Social Services since 2013.


The beginning of December each year, we assemble 50 warm weather/hygiene bags and pass them out at the Community Meal offered at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Longview, WA


Each year we are able to adopt several families in need during the Christmas season. Our focus is centered around middle and high school teens. Each family received bags of groceries for a Christmas dinner along with presents.


This past year, we assembled a team of volunteers and we completed some very necessary repairs on a house in Cowlitz County.


The Boulevard Teen Center. In 2017, we change our mission to focus more on the teen population. 


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.