100 Woman Who Care

  • 100 Woman Who Care

April 19, 2017, I arrived at the “100 Women Who Care” meeting where I met my friend Jamie. Jamie is the one who introduced me to one o f the founders of this new organization in our county.

“100 Women Who Care” was created to get a minimum of 100 women together for 1 hour and donate $100 each for a total of $10,000. This money would be donated to one lucky non-profit. They figured that one person giving $100 doesn’t give the same impact as 100 women giving $100 dollars! To be considered for receiving the money you must be a non-profit in Cowlitz County and spend the money within our county as well.

On the given night, 3 names were drawn from the hat. Harlie’s Angels had received 4 nominations but there were many names in the hat. Jeff said if I had the opportunity to be drawn, we would win because he knows how much I like to talk. Harlie’s Angels was drawn first!  After being in shock for a moment, I got up and started my speech. I only had 5 minutes to say everything I wanted to say about Harlie and our vision for Harlie’s Angels. Half way through my speech, a piano noise came over the microphone and stopped my speech. There was no piano in the room. I simply said “Thanks Harlie for letting your mama know you are with me.” For those who didn’t know, Harlie played piano. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Harlie is pretty cool like that. She likes to make an appearance in many aspects of our lives.

When I was finished, the other 2 non-profits got up and did their speeches. Then there was an agonizing wait of what felt like hours, but really it was minutes while the vote was going on. The founders got back up on stage and they announced, “The winner tonight of $21,000 is Harlie’s Angels” Yes we had over 200 members at this time and we are still growing.

What an amazing experience this has been and the love and support from all these ladies in our community has been overwhelming. To date we have been able to help the local high schools with sports scholarships, given out an academic scholarship, filled more comfort bags for foster kiddos, donated to the teen center in Longview, donated to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a big community project helping the elderly of Castle Rock. We will continue to find places that we can share Harlie’s story of life, love and faith.

If you would like more information about “100 Women Who Care”, or “100 Men Who Care”, check their facebook page or website at www.100wwc.lowercolombia.com or www.100mwc.lowercolombia.com . There are chapters all over the country as well.


Over 400 comfort bags were made and delivered to the Department of Social Services since 2013.


The beginning of December each year, we assemble 50 warm weather/hygiene bags and pass them out at the Community Meal offered at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Longview, WA


Each year we are able to adopt several families in need during the Christmas season. Our focus is centered around middle and high school teens. Each family received bags of groceries for a Christmas dinner along with presents.


This past year, we assembled a team of volunteers and we completed some very necessary repairs on a house in Cowlitz County.


The Boulevard Teen Center. In 2017, we change our mission to focus more on the teen population. 


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.