April 2019

April 2019

HARLIE DESARMO Harlie’s Angels April 2019 We have submitted paperwork for the state. We need a height variance for the court. Currently the roof can only be 15 feet but we are

March 2019

HARLIE DESARMO Harlie’s Angels March 2019 Attended a Park and Rec Board meting with application for the Neighborhood Park Grant for the second Year in a row. They heard our pitch and

January 2019

HARLIE DESARMO Harlie’s Angels January 2019 First plans were designed by our planners. They are amazing and we are ready to keep moving. Next step of approvals through Historic Preservation group was

March 2019

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Thank You 2016

2016 was an exciting year for Harlie’s Angels With your help, we were a part of several different missions. We would love to share with you a few pictures and stories of

Forgiveness Prayer

“Forgiveness is important because it gives you the ability to move on in life. Being unforgiving ties you to your past hurts and makes it difficult to receive the blessings of new relationships. Forgiveness

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