Harlie’s Angels Year At A Glance – 2018

Harlie’s Angels Year At A Glance – 2018 – Live Like Harlie


*Harlie’s Angels changed its mission statement. ”Harlie’s Angels thrives to equip and empower teens to grow into God-loving, responsible, caring, young adults through sports, service and fellowship.”

*Harlie’s Hoops gets serious. We went in front of the City Council and asked for concept approval. This first meeting went well with only one objection. Mark Wilson joined our journey and offered his time to write up complicated Shoreline permitting.

*Paid for food for a family in need after a death in the family.

*Provided Dinner each month at the teen center. My friend, Judi Wright who is a counselor, joined me at the center and provided love and guidance to the kiddos. She led them in activities like figuring out who in their life is an anchor or who is their life preserver. It was awesome, and the kids loved it.

*Purchased paint for the Castle Rock Senior Center. Had several supporters of Harlie’s Angels offer to help paint the center.

*Purchased new clothing for a teen in need including a duffle bag and shoes.

*Purchased gift cards for a teen girl who is pregnant, so she could purchase some maternity clothes.


*We decided to kick off our first fundraiser for Harlie’s Hoops. We decided it would be a Garage Sale around Harlie’s birthday. A month prior to the sale, I asked for our supporters to clean out their closets and drop off their donations at our house. Well, the community responded, and our house and garage were full. We had to rent a uhaul to get everything to town. We held it in our church basement and with the help of many friends, we made $8,000! Not only did we make money, we met lots of people and shared Harlie’s story with them. We donated the remaining items to another group who was raising money for a baby who needed a new heart. The day we were packing up and meeting with the family, baby Titus received his heart! Titus is doing remarkable to this day. God is so so good.

*Donated Nike shirts and Pizza dinner to the teen center with Judi Wright.

*Grandma Sandy passed away. She was Harlie’s best friend’s grandma. The family donated most of her household items to the sale and they also donated money that came in from the memorial. What an honor and she will never be forgotten.

*Harlie’s Birthday giveback – Paid for a mother/daughter to get a pedicure.

*Attended a fundraiser for a local boy with cancer and gave donation.

*Castle Rock High School – Granted 2 Academic Scholarships to Haley and Nathan $500/each

*Met with another grieving mama who had lost her teen daughter just a few months prior. Our pastor had said that we would be able help so many people with our experience of losing Harlie and at the time, I wasn’t sure how that would happen. I think this is a powerful testimony to never underestimate God’s plan for our life.


*We purchased backpacks and school supplies along with hygiene items for the teens at the “Boulevard Teen Center” and others in our community.

*Purchased flights for Deep 3 Basketball organization to get to a tournament in Las Vegas. They took third place in their bracket. Without this help, they would not be able to participate.

*We were honored to be able to participate in the Schulke Family Convention in Castle Rock. This local family celebrates giving and mission work and asked if we would come and share what Harlie’s Angels is about and how it came about. Jeff did his first public speaking about Harlie’s Angels and did a fabulous job. They took a collection and donated it to Harlie’s Angels as well. Getting out Harlie’s name and sharing God’s love is what this is all about.

*Held a 5/5/5 challenge fundraiser. 5 years since that dreaded day, tell 5 friends about Harlie/Harlie’s Angels and donate $5. We raised $5,000 in 2 weeks.

*Applied for the Parks and Recreation grant to better the Longview parks. They recommended that we receiv

e $20,000 towards the Harlie’s Hoops project. Grant needs to be approved by council.

*Went to another council meeting to accept the $20,000. Things did not go as plan and council denied our grant and shut down Harlie’s Hoops until further information could be collected. Meet with several councilmen/women to share our ideas.

*Attended yet another council meeting this time bringing kiddos from the teen center and had them share their thoughts about Harlie’s Hoops. We needed 2 votes to keep the process going. We accomplished this task.

*We donated $3500 to “Least of These” to build a home in Guatemala. The family who started this nonprofit, were teachers of our kids. They sold everything and moved to Guatemala to do God’s work. Our donation built two homes.

Before After

October/November /December

*Harlie’s Hoops Process Continues – Another council meeting and this time we needed 4 of the 6 to approve the concept. The kiddos came with us again and talked in front of everyone. We got a 6/6 approval! And we received our grant back in the amount of $13,000! The look in the kids face was priceless. Gave us hope for continued process. In November and December, we went in front of the Historic Preservation Committee to get concept approval. They gave us feedback and we will return in January with the changes they asked for.

*100 Women Who Care meeting. Pumpkin decorating contest.

*Harlie’s Angels participated in the Castle Rock Festival of Lights parade. We had 20 little angels walking with us all lit up with lights and wings. So amazing.

*Hosted a Christmas Party for the Teen Center. We partnered with The Grove Church this year. They graciously made the meal for the night. Everyone had a great time eating Nachos and Tacos, decorating cookies, singing a little karaoke, and of course receiving a gift. Our church family collected a gift card for each teen that attended the event. A great time was had by all!  We were able to donate 2 new bikes as well this year thanks to our donations.

*Jen’s Kindergarten learned the importance of giving during this time of the year. They made Christmas bags for the less fortunate in our area. These bags included hats, gloves, socks, hygiene items and snacks. All together they made 50 bags for adults in need.  Each bag also contained a handmade card that read, “God Loves You!”. The bags were distributed at a community meal held at Emmanuel Lutheran.

*We were able to adopt 5 families thanks to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Gloria dei Lutheran, Purchasing Department at West Rock, DNR of Castle Rock, along with private donations.

*Jeff joined 100 Men Who Care where he can network with other local nonprofits. Harlie’s Angels name was drawn to talk but another deserving nonprofit won. We will try again at the next meeting in 2019.

Thank you for your donations, your love and support, and your prayers to make Harlie’s Angels a success in its second official year!

Forever Grateful – The DesArmo family


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