Harlie’s Angels January 2020

Our 2020 Dinner/Auction fundraiser was a huge hit with the community and our friends. We served 250 guest Delicious food created by The Food Hub, we had live music by The Baird and so many awesome donated items for our auction/raffle. We made $25,000 for the erection of Harlie’s Hoops!

Kim O’Neill

Jennifer Des Armo You are such an incredible inspiration of love, courage, faith, and strength – and I admire you so very much!!! I know you would have done anything to not belong in the club of bereaved parents; but what you and Jeff, and your family have done to honor Harlie and ensure that her life and beautiful soul lives on in our community and in this world, is priceless. You have given the words Love, Honor, and Beauty, new meaning. Thank you for everything you do and especially for Harlie and the teens you serve 💜🙏 — with Jennifer Des Armo.

So we did a little thing tonight… I went to the 100 Men Who Care meeting tonight with Jeff. Jeff’s mouth was hurting so I got to talk. Everyone knows how much I like to talk💕🤣 it came down to a tie but Harlie’s Angels WON!!! Thank you to all the men who voted and support us.

Harlie’s Angels Joined the Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce  in January 2020

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